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Emergency Quarters Makeover

January 20, 2012

The Stafford County Emergency Service Headquarters station at 636 E. 4th in St. John is getting a long needed make-over.

The make-over got its start when the county and city went together and built a joint fire station across the parking lot from the headquarters building. This allowed the moving of two fire trucks that were wedged into the headquarters building. The pumper had less than a foot clearance on the front and back bumper.

The two bays that were vacated were turned into an Emergency Operations Center EOC. It also serves as a training room and a dorm room for out of town medic volunteers.

One of pictures above shows Pratt Glass workers replacing windows. Four of the buildings nine windows were replaced. Much of the total work was done by emergency service workers. This project was paid for entirely with memorial funds left to the fire department by Stafford County resident Ina Maye Toland.

An additional part of the EOC project was a building generator. The county received $5,900 in Emergency Management Performance grant funds this past year. The generator cost just under $3,400 and was completely paid for with these grant monies.

The focus has now turned to the office areas. In the first office the old floor tile was removed by emergency workers and new tile installed. Emergency workers painted the walls and installed wire chases/wire for telephones/internet. Desks were purchased from the Kansas Correctional Institute at great savings over office store prices.

Emergency workers will do the same with the other office, the hallway, and the kitchen as time allows. The rest of the windows will also be replaced – as the budget allows.

Stop by and take a look at the make-over if you get the chance. The coffee is always on!

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