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Lunar Eclipse – An Event

December 11, 2011

Today was Saturday. Many people took the opportunity to stay under the covers a bit longer this morning. Those that did missed an event that only occurs once every three years – a lunar eclipse.

I walked down the street and took a few pictures. Afterwards, I made my way back home and took a short drive into the beautiful Kansas country to get some more photo shots. Unfortunately, either the eclipse went complete or the shallow haze on the horizon now obscured the great sight.

Nobody lost any money by missing the event. Nobody lost a learning lesson. Nobody lost an economic opportunity. What they did miss was simply an event.

How many events do you choose to pass by?

Emergency service people know how suddenly life can end. No more chances to take in an event or any other activity. I appreciate the introspection that I have been afforded.

So, I attached a photo.

It doesn’t include the feel of the crisp cool air. Nor does it include the glistening of the heavy frost covering the dormant grass. Or the calico cat huddled on the neighbor’s porch. Those features certainly added to the experience.

Mark your calendar and experience the next one first hand.

I hope you get the chance.

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