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“Bad Moon A Rising”

November 9, 2011

My oldest son’s first experience as a collegiate baseball player was that of a relief pitcher. As is the case in baseball there was music playing as he threw his warm-up pitches that day.

Blasting over the light-pole mounted speakers was the famous CCD song “Bad Moon a Rising.” Unfortunately, the words brought some bad luck when moments later he dislocated his elbow.

While yesterday’s rain was a welcome sight to Stafford County, the rain also brought a cool front that coupled up with the moisture to bring a frosty, clear, moonlight morning. And, as it turned out for a group of friends headed to work the “Bad Moon a Rising” (as you can see in each of photos) brought them some bad luck.

As they crossed the Rattlesnake Creek on Highway 50 the men’s Ford Ranger hit a patch of ice that had formed on the bridge. And, by the time they exited the east-side of the bridge they were sliding sideways into the north-side ditch. The truck rolled as it propelled through a barb-wired fence, finally coming to rest on its’ side.

By the time emergency crews had arrived the men had extricated themselves. Luckily, the “bad luck” only resulted in a minor shoulder injury to one of the men.

Let this accident be a message to others to be extra careful when going over bridges when it’s wet and anywhere close to freezing temperature. Bridges will always be the “first” spot on the highway to form ice.

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