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It’s All Fun Until…

November 1, 2011

Apparently some folks think it’s fun to set fires on Halloween. A giant pile of trees (piled up at the first corner west of Stafford on Old Highway 50) was the target.

Unfortunately, this type of so-called fun often leads to people getting hurt and the loss of property.

That’s why firefighters have to respond to these fires. If you watch the video attached – especially at the end – you’ll see why this is necessary.

A fire of this magnitude will put off extreme heat and launch flames high into the air. Along with these flames the fires have another component – embers.

The strong southerly winds carried the embers of this fire towards a large shelter belt immediately north of the fire – with a house just behind that. Furthermore, it drifted embers northwest into a field of CRP grass.

It took the efforts of Stafford County firefighters from three separate stations to protect neighboring property and control the fire.

Please share this message with others. THINK a bit before you do something stupid like setting a pile of dead trees on fire.

It seems like a fun thing to do – IT’s NOT!

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