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Expect the Unexpected

October 29, 2011

It was my son’s first deer hunting experience. A friend gave him the weapon (a bow and arrow) and told him how to do it. So, there he sat in his buddy’s deer stand early Friday morning – stone still, anxiously awaiting his prey. Then it happened.

He heard a rustling in the leaves. Was it a deer? Out from behind a bush it showed itself – a squirrel.

Then, moments later out from nowhere appeared the animal he was looking for – a small doe. But, he was a good student and followed his instructor’s advice – wait for the buck. And, just as he was told the majestic eight-point buck arrived.

Just a little bit closer. Just a little bit closer. Just a little bit closer.

He drew back the bow as the buck lowered his head to eat. The bow was in position, the arrow ready to launch. Then the unexpected happened.

As if sent from above the littlest bird you ever saw landed squarely on the end of his arrow. Startled, he let the arrow launch – straight through the air, straight through the deer’s legs, and straight into the ground.

Emergency responders deal with the results of the unexpected every day. Unfortunately, those results are often tied to tragedy.

We use our experience with the unexpected to warn citizens of what can happen. But, our prevention efforts often fall on deaf ears. People continue to lose their lives in trench collapse, drowning, house fires, electrocution, and on, and on.

If you think the unexpected can’t happen to you, think about what happened to my son. A bird lands on an arrow just as it’s launched. Anything is possible.

Expect the unexpected.

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