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In The Zone

October 20, 2011

They come in all sizes and all kinds – there are state zones, crop zones, climate zones, time zones, heat zones….and, starting this coming Monday, you’ll be hearing that type reference with Stafford County emergency dispatch – Response Zones.

The county has been divided into 16 different zones. The zones are further broken down into mile section zone numbers attached to their respective primary number – i.e. Zone 16-01 (the first zone in the 16 area – the NE corner).

Rolled up 2’ zone maps have been placed in each of the emergency response vehicles. Larger zone maps have been placed in the fire stations and in dispatch.

There are a number of reasons for the zone map implementation.

The primary purpose is to provide an immediate reference point within a mile. This gets responders zeroed in on the general location. Afterwards, the exact address and directions is given. The zones should decrease the need for repeat directions.

Another purpose of the zones is to give incoming mutual aid responders easy directions for staging and fire attack. Zone maps will be provided to the surrounding counties.

The zones can also be used during a major disaster – such as a tornado – to break large areas into groups for teams to search and clear.

Lastly, the zones allow us to track response data in more detailed fashion. Decisions on future apparatus placement can be based on solid, true information.

Special thanks to Appraiser Assistant Marilyn Grizzell who made all the maps.

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