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Paws for Prevention – “Monkey See Monkey Do”

October 16, 2011

Howdy Partners! (Hola Companeros – for you Spanish children.)

Dalmations might be the American fire mascot, but they’re big like adults. I’m not black and white. And, I don’t have any spots. What I am is a little fellow just like you kids. And, being little I can see things from your view point.

My name is Felipe Carlito Rodriguez – FCR for short. Stafford County Emergency Service Director Steve Moody’s son Weston Moody brought me to the United States from my home town of Guadalajara, Mexico.

Steve Moody – nice guy that he is – offered me a monthly spot on his blog to talk to you about prevention. So, here goes my first message – “Monkey See Monkey Do”.

I believe your parents taught you well and you have a pretty good idea of what’s right and what’s wrong – what’s safe and what’s unsafe. The problem happens when you get together with one of your friends – it might even be your brother or sister – and you ignore your brain telling you what your parents taught you.

The big people have a fancy name for it called “Peer Pressure.”

If you have even a little bit of doubt whether doing something is safe or not, then it’s NOT. No matter how much I teach you about prevention – staying safe – those lessons can easily be forgotten when you get together with your friends. It might even be YOU that suggests doing something you know is wrong.

The reason they call it Monkey See Monkey Do is because monkeys have a tendency of getting into all kinds of mischief.

So, if you are ever with a friend and he or she suggests doing something that seems remotely unsafe – picture the MONKEY and say to yourself – “I’m no Monkey!”

This is FCR signing off.

Remember – “Ten Cuidado – STAY SAFE!”

Felipe Carlito Rodriguez

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