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Al, Steve, & Mary Lou

October 11, 2011

There was an explosion. We haven’t heard all the facts surrounding her death, but apparently everyone else escaped the rubble of the lake home explosion – albeit with serious injuries.

Mary Lou was my aunt by marriage, but her and my uncle had long ago divorced. Her death this weekend coincides with two other famous people – Steve Jobs and Al Davis.

There have been numerous articles written about the two famous ones and books are sure to follow. Many will buy the books and many will try to emulate the practices of Steve and Al. Some of what they try to make their own will help the followers. Some will not.

Here’s the secret.

“Wanting to be better, not wanting to become someone you are not.”

That, I believe is the secret.

Everyone is a unique treasure. Mary Lou wasn’t famous. She didn’t change the way the world does business and she didn’t own an NFL franchise. But, I’m sure she showed a few folks some important lessons too.

In emergency service – your life, your team’s lives, and the lives of those you serve depend upon your expertise. You can learn many things from reading the books of the greats like Fire Chief Alan Brunicini, but you can also learn from those in your own department or those in your neighboring departments – or your parents, or your spouse, or your children, or …

Keep your eyes open and your ears open.

Learn from Steve and Al, but learn from Mary Lou too.

Do it today. Tomorrow might be too late.

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