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An Amazing Make-over

October 4, 2011

Not many remember Tanker 438’s arrival in Stafford County, but its look is etched in every firefighter’s memory. What seared it into that memory was its banana-like coloring. And, now an amazing make-over has changed that look.

Three months ago Station Chief Tom Fischer and others took the first step with 438’s transformation when they removed its dilapidated 2,000 gallon water tank. Then, firefighters took the truck on a trip to Brookville, Kansas for the rest of the make-over.

While in Brookville the tanker got a new 3,000 gallon tank with a rear dump chute, a red paint job, a side-mounted drop tank, and a new pump. Then, this past Friday firefighters made another trip to bring 438 home.

So, today it was show and tell.

Chief Fischer brought Tanker 438 to the Stafford County courthouse to give commissioners a look at the amazing make-over. The commissioners were given a recap of the project before the show and tell. Tanker 438’s make-over gives the fire department a much needed water resource along with features that make it more usable as a tanker.

Stafford County Firefighters appreciate the support of the Commissioners and the Citizens of Stafford County!

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