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Liquid Lime Delivery – Almost

September 26, 2011

Kyler Zimmerman was within a quarter mile of the drop-off point for his load of liquid lime when he approached the railroad crossing. The only problem was this railway crossing was like a giant boil on your rear end – a fast slope upwards it went with a rounded top and then back down again.

At the point the truck was straddling the crossing the underside valve assembly dug into the rail and then fractured like a twig with the forward movement of the truck. Unbeknownst to Kyler the liquid lime was spewing onto the roadway as he continued on to his drop-off point.

One quarter mile of liquid lime covered the roadway by the time Kyler stopped at his destination. Before he could even step out onto the roadway there was a nice liquid lime pool on both sides of the truck. It wasn’t a good day for Kyler and his employer Ag Service.

Kansas Department of Emergency Management was contacted to see if there was a report or clean-up required. There was neither. The only thing required was another load of lime.

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