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Little Girl

September 21, 2011

She’s a might smaller than the previous Stafford County Emergency Service mobile vehicle. Yet, all four of her wheels are powered – also referred to as four-wheel-drive. And, the best thing is she doesn’t have a great thirst for petroleum – she gets up to 30 mpg.

The Ford Escape (aka “Little Girl”) replaces “Old Red” – the F150 that had amassed 151,683 miles. But, it wasn’t the miles that prompted the trade-in. Here’s what happened.

Red has an aluminum block engine. The engineers were probably quite proud of themselves when they designed this feature. Unfortunately, as these engines get some age on them they have a propensity of causing the spark plugs to loosen and catapult out at some unforeseen time – stripping the threads in the aluminum block.

One evening on his way back from a fire Old Red did just that – Spark Plug #5 went “Kapoohy.” Luckily for us Station Chief Marshal Sanders was able to patch him back together.

And, for a while it looked like Old Red might be good for another 100K miles. Then, it happened again – Spark Plug #3 went “Kapoohy.” And, again back to rescue came Marshal – this time with some additional advice: “Better trade him in.”

So, we did.

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