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Ten Years Ago

September 9, 2011

The World Trade Center terrorist attack doesn’t seem like it was ten years ago this Sunday. Do you plan on observing it in any special way?

Robert DeNiro will narrate a television special Sunday evening. Some of you will watch that.

Most fire departments will pull their vehicles out onto the front apron and observe a moment of silence. Others will be performing a symbolic stairway climb.

Stafford County will be commemorating their new Emergency Operation Center with a dedicated song and moment of silence preceding the open house.

I was asked a question today. “Is the fire service a value or a strain on citizens – and why?” No harm was meant by the question – just a way for the asker to generate some thought. With a little more thought, here’s how I wish I would have answered.

“Firefighters world-wide risk their lives daily for the lives and property of those they serve. None get wealthy. And the majority get little to no monetary compensation. At times the cost of the service – like any service – can put a strain on the citizens. But it never loses it’s value.”

“Firefighters continue to go where others flee. And some will lose their lives doing so. We only hope we never lose as many as we lost on September 11, 2001.”

If you do nothing else this coming Sunday, mouth one simple word – Thanks.

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