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A Great Career

September 1, 2011

Holy Cow!

That’s the expression Deana Williamson used in stressful situations during her 28 year career as a Stafford County EMT.

When most people are put into stressful situations they choose a more colorful language, but not Deana. That one thing tells a lot about her and it was just one story shared by those who gathered to honor her.

Director Steve Moody told the group that even though he didn’t have the pleasure of working emergencies with Deana that he was still able to see the great qualities she possesses. Modesty was one. Deana initially balked at even being recognized for her service and insisted there be no gifts. That request was ignored.

Moody presented a small leather box with an inlayed picture of Deana. In the box was a colorful array of taffy candies. Each taffy representing the many different types of calls – different types of people – that Deana worked with during her many years.

Other crew members shared stories with one common theme – Deana’s vast knowledge of her patients. This was a skill most likely honed through her full time career as a mail carrier.

Crew members said that when a dispatch was received Deana knew where the patient lived, what their past medical history was, what medications they took, and any special needs that would be required.

Deana was the last to speak. She thanked everyone for the recognition party. She also expressed her joy of working with fellow EMTs and how her father and grandfather were EMTs before her.

Deana then explained, through a choked up voice, how the closeness to those in the community was valuable, but sometimes difficult – and how that closeness can sometimes be just a bit too close. A recent family member as a patient was the sign to Deana that it was time to call it a career.

And, a great career it was.

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