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We Will Pass

August 20, 2011

FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency recently announced they had approved $370 million for the 2011 AFG Assistance to Firefighters Grant. It seems ironic that American politicians fail to act responsible during this economic crisis. How can you continue to give huge grants when you are broke?

I believe it’s time to exercise some leadership.

The fire service is one of the few that stands out as somebody people can trust. I believe the reason is we truly care for those we serve. Few do that with as much conviction as the fire service.

So, how do we “set an example” of leadership in these times of economic strife? How can we ensure that we don’t saddle our children with debt they had no part of creating. I believe the fire service should send a short 2011 AFG message to our politicians, “We will pass.”

I can hear the firefighter screams emanating from those reading my words. “You idiot – are you out of your mind? If we give it back we’ll never receive it again.”

Most firefighters know that up until the World Trade Center bombings the fire service got a big, fat zero in grant funds.” I acknowledge that it’s mighty sad that it took a terrorist attack that killed 343 firefighters to get grant funding for the fire service.

But, this isn’t a run-of-the-mill economic crisis. If somebody doesn’t start showing some leadership, our children will be saddled with a debt so monstrous they’ll spend their entire lives to get it erased.

The great Michael Jackson sang a song called “Heal the World.” The leaders in this country need to take a moment and listen to it.

And, the fire service needs to tell the politicians, “We will pass.”

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  1. Frank permalink
    August 22, 2011 4:58 am

    BRAVO. Except for our governor refusing $31M for health care and accepting $6.6M for ‘promoting marriage’, I’ve never heard of an organization refusing a sum in that amount from the federal government (in other words, MY tax dollars). I feel your organization could better use that money than many others who are accepting these funds.

    Thank you

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