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Lucky Brown Pants

August 1, 2011

Years ago my youngest son was playing in an American Legion State baseball championship. I wore a pair of brown Docker pants to the semi-championship game. Because we won that game, I wore them again to the championship game. We won that game too. The pants were then officially anointed as the “Lucky Brown Pants.”

Flash forward to this weekend.

My youngest son and daughter-in-law wanted to put their house on the market, but it needed a new roof. Even though day after day of 100 degree plus days didn’t look too favorable as weather conditions, we decided to tackle the project.

I decided that all stops would need to be implored for this job. I would need to break out the Lucky Brown Pants. As my wife and I drove down Highway 61 towards my son’s house, we noticed the highway workers roasting like chestnuts in the triple digit heat. The situation didn’t look favorable. And, then it happened.

We awakened the next morning to a day that was practically a 20 degree cool down. One cool day sandwiched in between multiple consecutive days of sweltering heat. There could be no other explanation – it was the Lucky Brown Pants.

Unfortunately, my old out of shape body made it necessary to sit on the roof while tearing it off. And, in the process the lucky brown pants were shredded to pieces.

I put on a pair of my son’s gym shorts the following day – to cover the essentials – and again donned the shredded brown pants. But, alas, the luck was all gone. Temperatures soared back into the 100 degree plus range.

It’s impossible to have a true appreciation for what outside workers go through without experiencing it firsthand. Many in Stafford County do it every day. And, the heat is exponentially compounded for our emergency workers who work with fire and in their fire protection gear. You all have my deepest respect.

I do have a bit of advice for those who must work outside in the extreme heat. Get yourself a pair of Lucky Brown Pants.

*I know that Stafford County Emergency workers had a busy past three days. I apologize for not being here to help out.

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