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Super Cool Chairs

July 26, 2011

Yesterday, Stafford County became the proud recipient of three new emergency medical stair chairs. The chairs had a hefty price tag of $1,375 per chair! Fortunately, the chairs were acquired “fully” through a grant from the State of Kansas.

Stair chairs have been around for some time. Actually, Stafford County owned some old style ones. But, the features on these new chairs are like the difference between a Model A Ford and a Cadillac.

For starters, the chairs have a cross-strap securing system along with head and foot securing straps. Also, the chair’s top bar extends out a great distance for better leverage and control. And, the wheels swivel in the front and have solid locking mechanisms.

But, by far the most super cool feature of the chair is the “tractor wheel” in the back. The tractor wheel is engaged when you need to move somebody up or down a flight of stairs. It provides a level of leverage and stability that’s absolutely incredible.

We know that in these times of economic struggle it’s important to be frugal with tax dollars – our own as well as the State and Federal ones. But, this piece of equipment passes the litmus test for justification. The reason is, “There’s no greater chance of back injury to a medic than with moving a patient up or down a flight of stairs.”

Super Cool Chairs for Super Cool Medics!

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