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Farmer to the Rescue

July 24, 2011

The unusually hot, dry summer has brought with it an increase in range-land fires. Several weeks ago Stafford County firefighters fought one of those fires near the SE county line. The fire appeared to be not unlike many others. But, then something unusual happened.

When one of the larger fire trucks was making its way back onto the roadway, firefighters felt an unusual shift. Then, glancing into the truck’s mirror they noticed the bed was a bit cockeyed. Turned out the bolts securing the bed had sheared off – all of them.

The truck was out of commission, but at least nobody got hurt – and the truck wasn’t severely damaged.

But, firefighters were faced with a question once the fire was out. “How do we get the truck back to the station?” It certainly wasn’t safe to drive it back with its bed not secured.

That’s when one of the firefighters saw land owner/farmer Larry Zink who was running a baling machine in a nearby field. Assistant Chief Shon Meschberger called him and asked for help.

Even though Zink was busy with his baling operation, he stopped to come to our rescue – disconnecting his baler and driving over on his tractor.

After examining the situation, Zink picked up the bed of the fire truck – with his tractor – and moved it into alignment with the bolt holes. Firefighters then dropped in some new bolts.

Sometimes people take those who reside in their community for granted. And, that’s too bad. Because it’s folks like Larry Zink that make a community special. The Stafford County Firefighters don’t need to be reminded – they witnessed it firsthand.

Thanks Larry!

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  1. debz permalink
    July 24, 2011 7:06 pm

    Such a heart-warming story. An act of kindness from a community member, that put his self aside to help someone in need. Isn’t that what Firefighters do every day, every hour, every minute? I think WE all should do more of “putting ourselves” aside to help anyone in need. Kudos to Larry Zink!!

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