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Medics Perform Difficult Feat

July 22, 2011

In baseball, when two consecutive batters each hit a home run, this is described as “back-to-back” home runs. It’s a difficult enough feat to hit one home run, let alone back to back.

What would be an even more difficult feat would be – “back to back to back.” And, that is exactly what Stafford County EMS did Thursday evening.

It started with a medical emergency in the City of Macksville. The Macksville crew responded.

The Macksville call was underway when we received the second call. Stafford Hospital needed an emergency transfer to Great Bend. The Stafford crew responded.

The third call came while both the Macksville and the Stafford crews were still tied up. A motorcyclist hit a deer on Highway 281. The St. John crew responded.

Two medics that weren’t even on-call heard the traffic and stepped forward to assist. The first medic covered Macksville while the crew was gone. The other medic responded to the deer accident.

“Back to back to back” – even medium-sized cities struggle with that challenge.

Stafford County Medics performed it beautifully Thursday night.

Congratulations – Great job!

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