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Busy Weekend – By Any Standards

July 17, 2011

The weekend for Stafford County Emergency Service was anything but quiet.

It started early Friday afternoon. Firefighters were paged out to a large range land fire southeast of the City of Stafford. While enroute to that fire (one that took several hours to control), additional crews were sent to Highways US 281 and US 50 for a serious two-car accident that required extrication. Two patients from that accident were life-flighted to Wichita from Stafford Hospital.

Firefighters and medics went straight from the range land fire and the vehicle accident to the Demolition Derby. Firefighters fought vehicle fires and transported one injured driver at the derby.

Saturday included a medical emergency patient that was later transferred to Wichita by Stafford County ambulance. Later in the evening another range land fire in western Stafford County got into two shelter belts. Firefighters fought that fire for several hours.

Sunday started out with a medical emergency call. Medics were sent to an oil rig accident shortly after that. A worker was seriously injured when he was struck by a large diameter 40′ pipe that was suspended high above the platform. The worker was taken by Stafford County Emergency Medics to a Great Bend hospital.

While medics were working the oil rig accident, another medic crew was sent to Stafford Hospital to transfer the earlier medical emergency patient to Wichita.

And, conditions weren’t too cool speaking of the ambient outside temperature. Each day saw temperatures soar well over 100 degrees. A busy weekend in formidable conditions – busy by any department-size standards, let alone a primary volunteer department.

Stafford County Emergency Providers – “You Are Appreciated”

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