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Fire Takes Off Quickly

July 12, 2011

Property owner Greg Thole said workers were running a swather in the wheat field approximately 1/4 mile from the farm homestead when a bearing froze on the machine. The frozen bearing caused sparks that set the field on fire.

A light breeze coupled with the extremely dry conditions quickly launched the fire out of control. Workers immediately drove to the homestead to protect vehicles and equipment. But, the fire beat them.

Trucks and equipment were immediately consumed in fire. Firefighters arrived in short order and cut the fire off from extending towards additional buildings where expensive farm vehicles and equipment were stored.

One semi truck was consumed by the fire, but another was driven out while one of its tires was on fire. Firefighters extinguished the tire as it was driven out.

Even though firefighters quickly controlled the fire, numerous pieces of equipment was either damaged or destroyed.

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