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Man & Best Friend – Safe

June 30, 2011

The dispatch came in as “Vehicle has went into the ditch and struck a telephone pole west of Highway 281 on K-19. The vehicle and the area around it are on fire.” A full complement of vehicles were then dispatched to the scene.

Shortly after the initial dispatch there was another dispatch – “The vehicle is now totally involved.”

Fire crews arrived shortly thereafter and found the lone “human” occupant walking along the side of the roadway. He said the only other occupant of the vehicle was his black dog. And, he can’t find him.

The man hollered the dog’s name repeatedly as he walked the roadway. Finally, the dog appeared from the shelterbelt on the opposite side of the roadway. He was okay.

The driver said that he fell asleep. The truck appeared to have been east bound, left the road into the ditch on the south side, and then veered across the highway through the ditch striking a power pole.

The power lines were intact, but apparently the collision caused the wires to cross. That action caused arcing that then set fire to the truck and the adjacent field.

The truck was a total loss. The power pole was damaged from the collision and the fire. Several acres of wheat stubble also burned.

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