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Harvest – Good Luck Bad Luck

June 18, 2011

Success often requires a team effort. That scenario played out early this morning.

Steve Moore and his workers had finished a day of hard work harvesting wheat. Two combines and a tractor were parked side-by-side just off the roadway in a wheat stubble field (2 miles east and 2 miles south of the City of Stafford) – staged for the next day’s continuation of harvest.

Down the road from the harvest equipment’s parking spot lived Connie Zumalt. Connie received a phone call from her daughter who lives in Hutchinson. She reported that it was “time”. She was in labor.

Connie told her daughter that she would quickly make the trip to Hutchinson. That trip took her straight by Steve’s combines – and they were on fire.

Connie reported the fire to dispatch – the dispatcher immediately paged out Stafford County firefighters – the firefighters immediately responded.

Firefighters arrived to find one combine completely engulfed with fire and the other combine partially on fire. Steve had already arrived and moved the tractor across the road.

Firefighters quickly extinguished both combines and the field around them. The engulfed combine was a complete loss. But, the second combine only lost the header portion.

From a bad luck point of view this was a terrible thing that happened. From a good luck point of view this could’ve had a much worse outcome.

Success often requires a team effort.

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