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One Hot Truck

June 6, 2011

A group of Stafford County residents were traversing a utility road (one mile south of Zenith and a mile east) when the undercarriage of their vehicle – unbeknownest to them – caught a field on fire.

They made it out to one of the main roadways (into Stafford County) when they noticed the fire in their rear view mirror. The only problem was there was another fire they didn’t notice – the underside of their truck.

They only made it about a quarter mile down the road when they noticed that fire too. Within minutes the truck was totally consumed. Even the aluminum hood was consumed in the fire. Some tall cedar trees that were immediately adjacent to the burning truck also caught fire.

The first arriving deputy reported flames reaching thirty to forty feet into the sky. And the fun didn’t stop there.

Once the fire department arrived – and quickly extinguished the fire – the deputy drove over to check out the initial fire. The same thing that occurred with the hapless group happened to the Deputy – his truck caught fire. Only the deputy was able to quickly get his truck out to a main road and extinguish the fire.

Firefighters then made their way over to fight the initial fire. That fire was in Reno County and so they too was paged out to help with the fire. After approximately one hour both fires were out and both trucks were loaded onto wrecker trucks – the deputies for precautionary reasons.

Luckily nobody was injured in the fires.

Others need to learn from this unfortunate incident.

Everything is extremely dry. Avoid driving across any grass fields. If you must drive across them, be very observant with the undercarriage of your vehicle.

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