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FEMA Disaster Store Proposal

June 2, 2011

“Federal Emergency Management Agency is pleading for the public not to make unsolicited donations of supplies or volunteer work that will hamper the rescue and relief efforts in Joplin.”

“Joplin is OVERWHELMED with unsolicited donations, and in dire need of messaging to discourage folks from sending unsolicited donations!”
Why don’t FEMA and other disaster agencies get it? People bring unsolicited donations after every disaster and FEMA parrots out the same message. It seems FEMA is just as stuck with their approach as is the donators of the unsolicited goods.

I propose a new approach. Here it is:

For starters accept the reality – many people DO NOT want to donate cash. There are solid reasons for that desire. First, cash just doesn’t seem personal to many folks. Second, I’m sure that many folks don’t trust that their cash will go where they want it to go.

My proposal is to set up a disaster web site store. The site would have pictures of all the goods that are needed for the disaster. Each product would have a number needed. The goods would be priced like any other Internet store. You buy a pair of child’s shoes – the quantity needed goes down one.

FEMA and other disaster agencies could control when and where the products are shipped. Donators would be able to print out a receipt for tax purposes if they wish. And, a database would exist to send a thank you to all those who helped with the disaster.

Problem of having too much at the wrong time solved!

Your Welcome FEMA

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