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School House Fire

May 1, 2011

Charred Remains of Old School

The early morning fire appeared to be strictly a wild fire – one of many that have plagued Stafford firefighters this spring. The ground was blackened up to the corner of the two dirt roadways – 70th Street and 100th Avenue.

It wasn’t until the fire was somewhat controlled that firefighters noticed smoke rising from across the road to the south. Upon closer inspection, firefighters found the source of that smoke. It was an old school house.

The school house had a half basement. This was where the timber of the building had nicely dropped. Piles of plaster, skeletons of several old chairs, and a scorched boiler were just about all that was recognizable.

What started the fire is unknown. Since there was no power to the building and no storm producing lightning, the fire is considered incendiary – somebody started it.

Another unoccupied Stafford County structure (a house in the process of being remodeled) burned several months ago. That fire was also categorized as incendiary.

Please contact the fire department if you, or anybody you know, have information concerning this fire or any other fires in Stafford County.

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