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Stafford County Fire Chief’s Meeting

April 28, 2011

Stafford County Fire Chiefs held their quarterly meeting this past Monday. Attached below are the minutes of that meeting:

Members Present:
Steve Moody, TJ Rockenbach, Rob Murrow, Tom Fischer, Jerry Sanders, Shon Meschberger, Marshal Sanders, Mike Sanders, Linda Kidd

Topics Discussed:
– Vehicles
New rescue truck – It was thought that the generator wasn’t putting out right, but it turned out that the wrong bulbs were in the lights. Once the bulbs were changed, they shined brightly. Johnson Electric didn’t charge us for looking at the generator.

Jim Brozek, Owner of 24 Hour Tire, repaired a tire on one of our units after the Reno County fire. There was no charge.

Hudson tender – We’re still waiting on the company to get the tank in so they can do the refurb.

Brush tank problems – Two of our brush trucks have developed cracks in their tanks – one at St. John and one at Stafford. We are checking on whether we can fix them.

Pumper seals – St. John crew fixed the seals on this vehicle. The total parts cost was in the $168 range. An estimate from a vendor to do the work was just under $2,000.

Brush truck brakes – New brakes were installed on the brush truck at St. John (work done by fire crew)

– Training
Extrication – Extrication training will take place at Stafford on May 2nd @ 6 p.m.

Rappelling – Will work on setting something up this summer.

– Radios
We’re experiencing troubles with Dispatch hearing our messages from the field – Steve will pass on information to Sheriff

We will check on moving the repeater from Zenith to Stafford

We will check on the UHF radio at Stafford

The Voter from Seward is out of service being sent in for repairs
– Storm Spotters
Do not move vehicles during storms

Station chiefs are responsible for assigning spotters. No self launch.

– New Generator
The new portable generator will be tested monthly at Macksville, Stafford, St. John on a revolving basis. We will check with the Hudson Flour Mill to see if they would like to test it there also.

– Facilities
We will check on what the annual fees are for the Macksville and Stafford stations to make sure that we have kept up with payments.

Deb Haddon secured a small grant ($300 range) from Midwest Energy. The funds can be used for the station or equipment.

– Equipment
Smoke Masks – We’re looking at purchasing some more smoke masks and filters if we get another State 50/50 grant. We will also buy some more mask bags.

Macksville has a problem with a reel hose on one of the trucks. It may be just a connector.

Hose – We will purchase some additional replacement whip lines.

Nozzles – We will purchase some new nozzles.

– Personnel
It’s been an unusually busy fire season. Kudos to all the Stafford Firefighters for the incredible job they’ve done day in day out.

Our pumper responded to an oil battery tank fire recently. The tank was not full of water because of seal problems – it would just leak out. That problem has been fixed. Apparently, one of our firefighters (not knowing the specifics) passed this information (just the tank being not full) on to others, eventually getting to a Commissioner. PLEASE – all firefighters – get the facts before criticizing our department. Let’s build up the department and not tear it down.

– Mutual Aide – All mutual aide agreements will be fine-tuned and re-issued.

– Emergency Management
There will be a disaster drill in Hudson this summer. The event will involve a flour mill incident. A second disaster drill will take place in November. This event will involve an airplane or Amtrak incident.

– Dispatch
The dispatchers will begin asking questions and clarifying expectations with those requesting to burn. An article will be posted in the papers to stress better safety on controlled burns.

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