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Busy Sunday for Firefighters

April 4, 2011

Structure Fire South of St. John

The work day started early Sunday afternoon for Stafford County Firefighters. Before the night was done there had been six separate fires. And, firefighters had been at their job for a total of eight hours straight.

What caused all the fires? It was a perfect mixture. The mixture included a number of recent rangeland controlled burns (which still had hot embers embedded in the charred ground) coupled with high winds.

The winds weren’t only high velocity – they also switched directions mid-point in the evening. At one point the winds hit a sustained speed of over twenty miles per hour. Gusts topped thirty-five miles per hour.

Mid-point during all the calls the firefighters responded to a reported house fire south of St. John. The house did sustain a scorching, but the fire was actually concentrated to a large area just south of the house. A massive area of trees, tires, oil barrels, several large buildings full of lumber, and miscellaneous other combustibles was engulged with fire. Firefighters were on scene for several hours extinguishing the fire.

While they were finishing up this one, fire number five, and fire number six were paged out. Firefighters from every station in the County fought fire Sunday. And, just to add fuel to the fire – so to speak – medics ran two medical emergencies.

Stafford County residents are extemely lucky to have such dedicated individuals protecting their lives and property. Be sure and thank them if you get the chance.

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