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Controlled Fire ~ No Such Thing?

April 2, 2011

A wise farmer recently told me there’s no such thing as a controlled burn. “Even with the best preparations, a hot-tailed coon can spoil it all.”

What caused the two out of control controlled burns this past week is uncertain. What is certain is Stafford County firefighters worked their own tails off.

The first fire was one located northeast of the City of Stafford. That fire was in a “layer burn” mode. The controlled burn only resulted in the top layer burning. Apparently, the underside dried out and was reignited for a second burn. That burn launched right into a third layer burn before the day was done.

The second fire was south of the City of Macksville. This fire burned over 100 acres. The land was a bit on the desolate side and that made for some treacherous conditions for the firefight. It took the efforts of firefighters from Macksville, St. John, and Stafford to control the fire.

Both of these fires were stopped right at the brink of leap-frogging into vast open grasslands where it would most certainly have resulted in large acreage loss.

Great job Stafford County Firefighters!

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