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Mutual Aide

March 20, 2011

The fire was first thought to be located in Stafford County. It turned out it was close to Stafford County, but actually located in Reno County – approximately three miles south of Highway 50.

The land here is primarily used for hunting and has few roadway breaks. So, you can imagine how this fire could’ve burned a considerable area if not quickly extinguished.

Reno County fire crews were fighting the fire when Stafford County crews arrived. They were plenty glad to see the help arrive – primarily because this Reno department doesn’t carry chain saws. And, since the fire had made its way into the shelter belt, chain saw work was in immediate need.

Trees up to sixty feet tall – with hollowed out centers – were sending out showering embers across the dark skyline.

The embers were threatening to send the fire into the next section of grassland – an area that’s as treacherous to fight fire as one will find in Kansas.

You’ve really missed a spectacle if you’ve never watched Stafford County’s firefighters take down trees. A video is posted on the Emergency Service blog that shows one of the smaller trees being dropped. The fire was contained once firefighters took down the last burning tree.

Reno County firefighters were very appreciative of the help, as was the land owner – Dr. Fritz Farmer.

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