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Cheerleader’s Appreciation

March 18, 2011

The Dodge City Cheerleaders and their Coach were headed through Stafford County on their way to Wichita to cheer their high school on to victory. Unfortunately, Mother Nature decided to throw a large cold blast through Stafford County at the same time – complete with all the fixins. Their Suburban careened off the roadway just west of the City of Stafford, rolling into the wheat field onto its side.

Suffering only minor injuries (pay no attention to the feigning of injury in the picture above), the six crawled out of their vehicle before Stafford County Law, Rescue, and EMS arrived. Because of the extremely dangerous conditions – and the fact that their vehicle wasn’t going to be a part of their continued journey – the decision was made to immediately transport the group to the hospital.

After each received a thorough check-over at the hospital the six were picked up by another Dodge City group and brought onto their destination.

It’s good the girls didn’t stay on scene since there was another accident at their exact location shortly after they arrived at the hospital.

The girls were thoughtful to send their cameo of feigned injury and the Thank You card. Likewise, we were glad to help them in their time of need.

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