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A Peek Inside Their World

March 18, 2011

How many transport trucks do you see each day as you drive down the roadways? Have you ever thought for one second what it’s like inside that person’s world? I don’t suppose you have – until the other day, I hadn’t either.

The event that gave me the peek was a recent two-car accident on Highway 50 in Stafford County.

Emergency crews were handling the scene beautifully when I arrived. Medics were tending to the driver as the rescue crew was stabilizing the car in preparation for the extrication. And, the law enforcement workers were handling the traffic superbly in spite of the treacherously icy road.

For those reasons I was directed to check out the family of the other vehicle. They had taken refuge in the quarters of a nearby transport truck.

It seemed like I was making my way upwards to a high-perched tree house as I climbed up into the truck. Once I made it up to the cab, I looked outwards through the massive windshield. I felt like an announcer looking out over a football field – the field being the emergency scene and the emergency workers being the football players.

The truck driver directed me to the sleeper compartment. In that sanctuary were a young mother, her six-month old daughter, and a seven year old son. Mother and daughter were not injured and the son had suffered a minor injury to his head.

The bed they were lying upon caught my attention. I thought the mattress much larger than what I would have guessed, even though that inquiry had never before crossed my mind. Likewise, it was much softer than I would’ve thought.

Lying on the bed was a quilt that reminded me of those my grandmother used to make. I told the mother we would use the quilt to cover her son when we moved him to the ambulance. She told me in a soft voice that it wasn’t her quilt – it was the truck driver’s.

There were a couple other personal items that I glimpsed at as I went about my work of caring for the young boy. These were items not unlike you would find in a person’s home bedroom.

Before I secured the boy to the backboard, I inquired about how we could move him through my same steep pathway. The driver told me there was a side-door that opened from the sleeper area. Once the boy was secured, the driver opened that big door-way.

Like sliding out an upstairs bedroom window, we glided the young boy downwards into the arms of the awaiting medics. The young boy was a trooper and remained calm throughout his journey, one he will always remember.

I too will remember the experience. It’s not just a truck, it’s much more.

I thanked the driver for the use of his truck, but wish I would’ve also thanked him for the peek inside his world.

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