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Out with the Red-headed Stepchild

March 4, 2011

Money is tight and the family can’t afford to feed all the kids. Therefore, our parents (politicians) have proposed a difficult decision. “The red-headed step child – the Kansas State Fire Marshal’s Office – must be thrown out of the house.”

I’m not sure the name of the parent who proposed House Bill 2370 – which proposes to eliminate the State Fire Marshal’s Office – but, it’s clear that any past claims of loving us children all the same was pure poppycock.

Brother Emergency Management, Brother Bureau of Investigation, and Brother Facilities Management – those apparently are the true “blood” children.

So, here we sit out in the cold looking for a meal and a warm place to rest our heads.

I’m sure that Brother EM won’t call us for hazardous material help when the train derails, or the tornado goes through. And, Brother BOI won’t need our assistance during fire investigations. He knows all about fires from chasing criminals. Then there’s Brother FM. FM surely won’t be calling for help with inspecting the schools, day cares, and hospitals.

Furthermore, Brother FM loves us more than mom and dad, so don’t worry about him overseeing that semi-important item – the fire safety and firefighter protection act enforcement fund.

Some adults just shouldn’t be parents – and some shouldn’t be politicians.

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