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Tuesday Special

February 23, 2011

An errant ember coupled with strong southeasterly winds started a busy day for Stafford County firefighters. And, before the day was done, firefighters fought two additional fires.

It all started shortly after lunch – and the first fire wasn’t ours to begin with, it was Reno County’s. The large grassland fire was racing at breakneck speed towards the northwest from the area of 4th St. and Brownling.

Several houses were in the pathway of this fire, but the hard work of firefighters from both Reno and Stafford County kept the fire from damaging any of the homes.

Water isn’t the recipe for the extinguishment of some fires – and this was one of those fires. Firefighters were able to keep the six foot flames down, but after hours of fighting the fire, slowing it down was all that was being accomplished.

That was until firefighters reversed their approach and atacked the fire – with fire. Backburns were started well in front of the fire. After approximately four hours the fire was under control.

Mid-point during the first fire, Stafford Firefighters were paged out to another fire three miles west and five miles north of the City of St. John. A property owner was using a cutting torch and accidentally set the grass on fire.

The main problem with this fire was that it burned approximately one hundred old tires. The fire was contained quickly, but firefighters had to stay on scene for a considerable time to extinguish the fire.

The last fire of the night – hopefully – came in minutes ago. Firefighters from the Hudson station responded to a fully engulfed vehicle. Owners of the vehicle reported to Dispatch that all the occupants were out of the vehicle, but it was fully engulfed.

It was a long day for firefighters. Three great jobs done by a great group of people.

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