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2011 First Quarter FC Meeting

February 23, 2011

Members Present:
Mark Clasen, Steve Moody, TJ Rockenbach, Rob Murrow, Tom Fischer, Jerry Sanders, Shon Meschberger, Marshal Sanders, Linda Kidd

Topics Discussed:
– New rescue truck – Chief Sanders and Meschberger brought over the new rescue truck. They showed the operation of the truck and also demonstrated a set of new “Champion Rescue Tools”. These tools were purchased and donated by Carl Dudrey. The unique feature of this tool is that it has quick change tool tips. The plan is to purchase additional specialized equipment for this truck. The truck will be dispatched to all rescues in the County with the purpose of bringing additional equipment, not to command the rescue or take over the operations. The on-scene commander can disregard the Stafford Rescue Truck if it’s not needed.

– New Brush truck – The Brush truck that burned last year in the large wild land fire is almost back in action. We purchased the truck back from the insurance company. Stafford Station crew members removed the bed of the truck, repaired damaged areas, and remounted the bed on a chassis from Seward. The chassis was repainted before this was done. The truck should be back on line within the month.

– Hudson Tender – We have authorization to refurbish the Hudson tender and are waiting to hear from the company who’s doing the work. The truck will be offline for a short period during this work.

– FRA Firefighter Requirement – The Chiefs discussed the requirement that firefighters approved for FRA requirements. In order to be a member of the FRA, firefighters approved a by-law that members must attend at least 50% of meetings and/or 50% of emergency responses during the calendar year. It was the decision to draft a County policy for firefighter requirement that mirrors the FRA requirement.

– Smoke Masks – Smoke masks were purchased for each of the County stations in late 2010. Additional masks and filters will be purchased to supplement the few that were purchased in 2010.

– Mutual Aide – All mutual aide agreements will be fine-tuned and re-issued.

– Disaster Drills – There will be a disaster drill in Hudson in late April. The event will involve a flour mill incident. A second disaster drill will take place in October. This event will involve an airplane or Amtrak incident.

– Fire Station Open House – There will be a Fire Station Open House for the new St. John/Stafford County fire station. The open house will be on Sunday February 27th from 2-4pm. Ribbon cutting will take place at 2:30. The new rescue truck, the new ambulance, the portable generator, and the Bobcat will also be on display.

– Smoke machine – We will look into purchasing a smoke machine to conduct smoke drills.

– Rappelling –We are looking into rappelling training sometime this year.

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