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LEPC Local Emergency Planning Committee

February 18, 2011

February 17, 2011
LEPC Meeting

Call to Order: Meeting was called to order at 09:10 by Steve Moody

Members Present: Doug Brown; Steve Moody; Nick Lauffer; TJ Rockenbach; Jerry McMillan, Glen Newdigger

Old Business:
Reviewed the tabletop disaster drill held in St. John City.

New Business:
New Fire Station – The new fire station in the City of St. John is fully operational. An open house will take place on February 27th from 2-4pm.

ADT – The emergency reporting system will be expanded out to include any Stafford County resident who wishes to be included. People will need to sign up via the Internet. There will be a link on the County website. For those who do not have Internet access, the Shepherd Center volunteers will be able to help them get signed up. Additional features of the ADT system include an expanded survey tool and a mapping component. We will also look at paging out emergencies to emergency responders as a supplement to pagers/radios.

EMPG – The County has signed up for an Emergency Management Performance Grant. Anticipated funds are in the neighborhood of $10,000.

Radio System Voter – The Voter system that’s currently located at Zenith will be moved to Stafford.

Upcoming Disaster Drills – April will be a table top drill in Hudson that will involve a simulated incident at the flour mill; October will be a table top drill in St. John that will involve a simulated livestock disease outbreak.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:35.

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