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FRA Meeting

February 18, 2011

The Stafford County Firefighter’s Relief Association held their first meeting of 2011 last evening. The main topics of the meeting were the election of officers and the purchase of new insurance.

Since new officers were appointed just recently in a special meeting in late 2010, firefighters voted to retain all the same officers if they were agreeable to do so – which they were.

The insurance that was purchased is a $50,000 life insurance policy. Furthermore, there is an on-duty disability policy component. Firefighters can draw up to $650 a week for 28 days if they should be injured on duty. A dismemberment feature covers the firefighters both on duty and off duty.

Secretary/Treasurer Doug Brown also shared good news about future monies the Stafford FRA will be receiving. The past few years the County Firefighters have received in the range of $3,900. By asking for a redetermination, that sum will go up to the range of $19,000.

The news of the increase prompted firefighters to vote for the establishment of an annuity program for retiring firefighters.

The State requires FRAs to have an annual meeting. But, since Stafford County has recently made so many new changes, the group voted to have bi-annual meetings.

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