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Firefighters Rescuing Firefighters

February 9, 2011

Captain Brian Spini

It’s fair to say that Ellinwood Fire Chief Chris Komarek believes in the importance of training – especially when that training directly involves firefighter safety.

Chief Komarek proved my point Monday night when he brought Johnson County Captain Brian Spini to talk about firefighters rescuing firefighters. But, Chief Komarek didn’t just provide the training to his folks – he put out an open invitation to firefighters in the adjoining counties.

And, he didn’t just stop there – he fed the whole group. One Hundred Firefighters as it turned out.

Captain Spini begins his presentation with a story – seguing the story into training, training firefighters to save their fellow firefighters. His story takes place on March 8, 1995.

It was a fire in a large two-story house located just three blocks from the fire station. While fighting the fire, one of the firefighters fell through a hole in the floor, dropping into the deep basement which was the seat of the fire. Spini and other firefighters tried in vain to rescue their fallen comrade. He was so close to them, they heard his last words.

Spini then explained how their tragedy caused them to develop a “firefighters saving firefighters” training program. After explaining that training, Spini finished his presentation with an offer that his department has made to Kansas firefighters ever since their tragedy – to send trainers, free of charge, to deliver the hands-on “firefighters rescuing firefighters” training to any department.

There are no better representatives of the Fire Service than Captain Brian Spini and Fire Chief Chris Komarek.

I’m sure that I speak for the other ninety-nine firefighters in Ellinwood, Kansas on Monday night by saying “Thank You”.

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