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Back-to-Back Violations

December 3, 2010

Firefighters Extinguish Hay Bales


Firefighters were busy fighting back-to-back fires that violated our burn ordinance.  The first fire was up in the Seward area and involved the burning of a shed.  The problem was there was no burn permit issued and the fire got out of control.

Hours later firefighters were called out again – this time south of Highway 281.  This fire was started in a barrel.  Apparently, embers floated out of the barrel and ignited nearby grass and some large round haybales.  The problem with this fire was tw0-fold – there was no burn permit and the fire was left unattended. 

Director Steve Moody will be visiting with the County Commissioners on Monday to determine a policy on when expenses for response are passed on to those who don’t follow the burn ordinance and subsequently need the assistance of the Stafford County Fire Department.

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